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For the time being, the Principal of LEDR, William Porter (cv), has entered into a three-monthly rolling contract with Credit Suisse Securities. Please direct any LEDR-related enquiries to my e-mail address, wporter (at) In the meantime, LEDR's activities revolve around subjects of interest to the author related to financial markets but not directly relevant to his employer's business.

UK pensions and life insurers are a major focus of my research at present. Potentially, the current regulatory environment creates major instability. The issues are huge and under-reported. Global yield-curve flattening is just one symptom of similar issues, which exist throughout the developed world. Contact me at Credit Suisse (william.porter (at) for further information. (The odd e-mail formats are anti-spam measures, as are these links.)

Here's what I look and sound like when nervous and with a cold.

I am proud to have done my part against excessive zeal on the part of the Inland Revenue.

This clock is the most amazing small piece of Javascript I have ever seen, although it does not work on Mozilla. (I am attempting a rewrite.) It is linked to as found lying around the web. If you wrote this, please contact me.

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