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I miss it.

Takeoff from LHR BA001 21Sep03 1850

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The small .avi (taken with a Canon digital still camera) cannot do justice to the noise: it sounds barely louder than the later passing truck as the mic. maxes out. In fact it was crushingly loud, particularly when we were aft of the engines. It knocked us off our feet and set off car alarms, as the clip shows. My 11-year old son Gus's cough was caused by a sensation in the throat that I also felt, resulting from the action of the noise on the inner ear, despite his wearing earplugs.

Facts on the noise.

A video of the last Air France Concorde departure from JFK, part of the collection of the Rennselaer Aeronautical Foundation.

William Porter 22nd September 2003 and 15th October 2005

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